Moncler Jackets than a decade, Moncler

While we haven't seen too many people outside, there were a few fashionable  faces out and about (safely, we hope!). Moncler Genius has offered some of the  most exciting collaborations to come out of the outerwear world, allowing some  of the world's top tier designers to refit classic silhouettes with their  signature DNA.

It's not a choice between color or black - and - white. We evolved the face  of the brand. Before the pandemic, Moncler had multiplied its sales by a factor  of nearly six in less Moncler
than a decade, growing to 1.62 billion euros in revenue.  

Ever since its founding in 1952, Moncler has been inspired by wanderlust.  Indeed its most famous and fundamental garment, the down jacket, was developed  after French mountaineer Lionel Terray told the brand's founders, Rene Ramillon  and Andre Vincent, about a similar item he'd first encountered while on an  expedition to Canada.

So I started with Undercover and Bathing Ape - and since then I haven't been  making the products from Fragment. In collaboration with a group of 21 women, we  have forged a narrative that aims to visually explore this storyline  www.monclersoutlets.com which speaks to the concept of breaking  down and restructuring traditional perceptions of art presentation as well as  the spatial designs and formats of artistic spaces.

The 5 Moncler Craig Green Collection will be showcased tonight taking over  the second floor of Kith NY. Keep your eyes peeled on our IG to get a inside  look. Complex will be at the event with Craig Green, Ronnie Fieg, Joe La Puma  and other special guests. Be sure to preview the winter gear below and shop it  online and in Moncler boutiques worldwide.

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