Dodgers News Playing NL West Rivals Does, Dodgers News Playing NL West Rivals Does
With the Dodgers getting ready to take on the Padres, the high level of play will undoubtably come out due to postseason play. Of course, this series becomes a bit more meaningful for the Dodgers facing  Brayden Schenn Women Jersey their NL West rivals, but them being division foes does not make it any different for Dodgers infielder Justin Turner.The Dodgers have seemed focused all season long, and they will need that even more during the postseason. Postseason coaching and rotations come into play with completely new looks to try to gain Mark Barberio Women Jersey  an edge on the team, but of course this is all familiar territory for Turner as he told the media when asked about a switch of intensity against the Padres."I don't think so. I think,  Kyle Connor Women Jersey obviously, once you get to this point in the season, everyone we play is a good baseball team. You know, we're here focused on us and what we have to do and not whatever it says on the other team's shirt. So I  T.J. Tynan Jersey think going into this, it didn't matter who we were playing. We were going to be prepared and ready to go. And we believe if we play our brand of baseball, we like our chances."It's the right mentality for Turner to be ready at all costs no matter what, but from the fan perspective it's hard to imagine that being division  Travis Konecny Jersey rivals doesn't at-least sit behind their head a little bit. No matter what, when the postseason comes around so do the best versions of each team involved.Scroll to Continue
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