Adidas Falcon Cheap

A layered look that sparkles with a 90s vibe. Adidas Falcon Women have a striking chunky silhouette that resembles a classic running design from 1997. The upper is made of leather with different color overlays. The X-shaped Torsion Bar provides stability.

It's a leopard! It's a zebra! It's the Adidas Falcon Men shoe! Shine in the urban jungle with an animal print that changes as you move. Sneak through the streets in a chunky retro silhouette straight from the 90s. Hey fangirl. Put on your favorite group's album, put on the shirt you scored at the concert and complete the vibe with these Adidas Falcon Cheap shoes. Inspired by K-pop stars, these chunky sneakers feature a layered, harmonious design, just like the vocals from your favorite track.

Although the output of the Adidas Falcon Sale has definitely cooled off in recent months, the lifestyle model has made another appearance in this brand new two-toned colorway by taking on a minimal “tuxedo” look. The 90s-inspired silhouette utilizes a white mesh material for its foundation, and contrasts its laces, lower overlays and chunky midsole with a stark black tone to achieve that suited look. Despite the suggested black-tie moniker, this Falcon is dressed for the outdoors as it features a toothy outsole for trail-route adaptation with tougher nylons and hiking-style laces.
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