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I have friends, coworkers, and family ask the same question all the time Why  the heck would you purchase a dirty shoe and at that price I was just like you  before purchasing my first pair. I didnt understand the hype about a dirty  looking shoe with a star on the side and different colored laces.

Being the self sacrificing, generous person that I am, I agreed to take on  the task. A pair of Golden Goose were ordered, shipped and delivered to my  casaand I may have squealed a little when opening up the box.

PURESTAR white sneakers, After studying and  https://www.goldengooseofficialsite.com/ researching the best  technologies on the market, we decided to make the PURESTARs top performing,  elevating the idea of everyday sneakers. Every single element was created in  optical white, without forgetting the Golden Goose star on the side of the upper  and the 3D logo on the heel.

Superstars do come in a lot more styles color combos and typically have more  new releases. To me Superstars are the trendier option vs. Haha. Let's pretend  price doesn't matter to make it a little more fair.

They have a vintage basketball sneaker look to them, and I was hoping they  would be the answer to my Golden Goose troubles. PURESTAR sneakers with glittery  silver heel tab, After studying and researching the best technologies on the  market, we decided to make the PURESTARs top performing, elevating the idea of  everyday sneakers.

First, Ill tell yall why golden goose sneakers have been worth the moneyfor  me. I love that these are shoes you can wear year round, no matter how hot or  cold it is, and no matter where Golden Goose Shoes you  live. Limited Edition LAB Super Star sneakers in denim with fluorescent inserts,  We tell stories with our sneakers, highlighting the uniqueness of each one of  us. With our Limited Edition LAB sneakers we have taken this concept to a new  level.

We have taken the iconic shape of our Super Star and given them a new lease  of life. We have added a piece to the sole, doubling the foxing to make it  taller. American vibe with a touch of glamour that becomes streetwear style,  perfect for metropolitan looks. Made from leather, they feature a suede section  at the top of the upper, a glossy heel tab and the most eye catching feature,  the glittery GGDB star.

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